When I Said I’d Die For You (I Didn’t Mean You Could Kill Me) – Cody Peters Poem

When I Said I Would Die For You (I Didn’t Mean You Could Kill Me)
For My Squirrel (to her utter disgust)

The world leans on an empty chair
I look for her everywhere, in faces and pastimes
I settle for less and curse her for the sting
Pain now issues forth from the wound regret
I am only now, years apart, ready to write, to think these word of truth:
Her soul is my heart and I have been dead since our final embrace
These hands that wipe tears once held her every night
These tired eyes once filled with her radiant light and her effortless beauty
I feel disconnected from these senses, like an interloper or
Startled tourist of Bethlehem saying,
“Wow, that happened here?
But this looks like nothing but a barren desert…”

Command of folly has been my forte
remixing nothing and tinctures of anesthetic blockade
I never got back on my feet after I crushed her with my self-destructive shadow
He assumed a passenger and blinded me with comfort to earn my attention
Undivided after cutting loose the woman who owns my heart
Now I am ruled by this rusted regime
I am trying to move, not to love. To live, not to exalt
Now I endure when with her I would enjoy
Now I get by when with her I would conquer

A lesson didn’t surface, ‘spite the old pomes, adages, and sages
No greater good was to come from my imprudent adherence to the shadows
I crush myself to think I once considered her anything but my destiny
A day in that life would be heaven to me now
Knowing she would smile at the thought of us and be there when I slept
I go crazy in the aftermath, this also-ran slice of a life that looks stellar from the out
I smile in grotesque amusement at the lengths I’ve gone to push away her beautiful face
Her beautiful emergence in my life as the towers fell was as sure a thing as I could tell
I am soaked with this jealousy for myself because I had her and she loved me
She really did and now I am grown up to see that I was so ungrown back then
So childlike to think that it was my heart that was broken
I know better now that what was broken was not my heart, but my soul

She wants to keep away and now lives in another land
Ice fills my chest as I realize that I actually agree and understand
Stay away. I hurt you too many times.
Though I know I would move heaven to have her here on Earth
Though I know I would be a perfect lover, the knowing is the spire
The tack of evidence, my tries to fool reason are a long-winded waste
A time to kill and no one better than myself for my pain, so hard to explain
Will keep me bleeding until the rusted shadow takes me home.

But I would miss her in Heaven
I would miss her in Hell, asleep, in chains or a throne
I would miss this woman in paradise and my forever will always know
That all I do and Those I love are merely ghosts as the eyes of my passion
Are always scanning the skies for

She, Always With My Heart.
Only she can rid my life of this monster
but she has much better things to do…

Spectator and Specimen – New Poem by Cody Peters

Spectator and Specimen
By Cody Peters

Bright light where every blemish ever suffered shone like a dark
ray from a broken star in heaven paints the canvas of twilight in another lonely moment
I am alone in this and words to a wordsman are futile messengers and vessels
As a rendering of this everything I seek to leak an account
Pain is a way that direction is delivered and courses corrected
In the hands of some it is a weapon wielded for reasons a spectrum can tell.
It is the most vile of nasty life parts, but second to only one subpart of pain
the worst suffering in the world is pain, but worse than that
I suffering pain with no clear genesis and
without a name.

The world floats in venom behind an illusory pane of glass
when I stray into nights made for sleepers I am joined by little terror goblins
because my mother told me that she was going to do suicide tonight
this happens a lot since father tried to exit the world by refusing medical help
as he slept in pools of perspiration and lost his mental staminaut
His braing inevitably exploded and the told you so gambit meets the
how could you do this to me ruse while what a tragedy is somewhat obscured
by other faces like a train station in Venice always going somewhere but you know better.

There is no name for the terror that has evolved into nameless suffering
I have had doctors shed a tear at my virus of a story
the collective docket of answers asks me the same question and it is
How can you endure? How do you soldier on?
I always smile because I remember the answer as it is supposed to be
and what it really is
It is supposed to be because I believe in a better tomorrow and do my best
but it is really something more childish and silly
I think that I have a unique opportunity to study, from the inside, the life of a man
who has been stricken with so many ills of life that it has become a curiosity to see
exactly how this will turn out and so the true impetus for my apparent strength
is childish curiosity and awe
I am simply amazed at how terrible my life is turning out
and awestruck by the complete absence of any fortunate turns or luck
I have made so many downward turns that I am now heading upwards
I am punch drunk and thrilled
Both as spectator and specimen.

I should be there for them, I moved home to support family while we endured tragedy
My mom told me she is going to kill herself tonight.
I am the cause of her suffering and disarray. I sleep too much and break too easily.
When Dee Ann Rothman suspended me from law school for stealing a phone I didn’t steal
(and actually own said phone myself – it’s identical!)
I collapsed, breathless on the black portion of the parking lot.
When they called for a paramedic I waited for my chance then lept into my car
I had to escape Newark. But the trauma was unbeatable. I began to cry so hard my throat hurt.
I could make it through law school for almost a year when my father was in a coma
But this whimsical charge by Dee Ann Rothman would collapse my house of cards.
I was not able to grip this grenade lobbed by the circumstance.
I was committed to NY Pres.
I was a danger to myself.
I broke and this time is was serious.

One month has passed and today mom told me that
She has “no idea” why I couldn’t continue taking classes and just appeal my suspension.
She told me that she and dad were shocked and disturbed by what had happened
Oh, and she wants to kill herself.
I asked her what I could have done better. She doesn’t know I was passed out and the throat crying stuff.
She thought it a challenge and yelled at me that she didn’t know and why should she always
Have to deal with this. Why did I do this? They can’t believe it. How could this happen?
(read: you’re obviously not telling us something because this is impossible. You know how
you can get.)

Back to verse, and in time for a sweeping muse to collect me and drive
since narrative pales in comparison to fun, I will put away and then I
and pick up my darker skies ripped into a cascading sunrise although part of it left unannounced
and without sufficient plain-clothes security to beckon day 2 of this riddle chain of disappointment

I am the cause
I sleep too much
I smile too much
I leave cups in weird places
I ate too much bread
I didn’t eat enough dinner and don’t know how much this costs and by the way owe mom and dad
70 thousand dollars for raising me – oh little things like helping me pay for books, my car, and lending a hand with those pesky doctor bills that were another luxury my parents afforded me which of course should be paid back with a generous 0 percent interest despite the fact that said debt goes back to 1992 when I was 14 years old and starting to become a real financial burden but lucky for me there was a benevolent bank of mom and dad to loan me the money I needed for all the luxuries in life and that they had a wonderful records system which would keep track of every dollar borrowed secretly until an opportunity came along to collect the money which of course is rightfully that of the parents because I ASKED to be BORN and asked to have a cold and well, the world is tough so you better get used to it, you’ve been a burden ever since you were born and here’s the bill son, here’s what it cost to raise you, here’s what you owe us for feeding you and clothing you and all those thing SPOILED children get because when I was a kid I walked everywhere and worked since I was a fetus and no one ever gave me anything but grief and that’s the way the world is and you have to just get used to it but get used to it after you pay us back 70 thousand dollars for being your parents then you can consider yourself current on the 17 year line of credit we have opened for you because we are good parents. Pay up. The money is compensation for injuries suffered in your jaws-of-life car accident? So what, we want our cut.
So what, we want our cut.
So what, we want our cut.
So what, we want our cut
So what, we want our cut

My mom is downstairs complaining to my father about me
I am a burden. I am broken. I am a failure.
I am the specimen
and the spectator.

You just don’t get better seats to a tragedy than this.
Aren’t you curious about how this will turn out?
Here’s a hint:

Someone is going to die

Daddy, Please Get Better

Daddy, Please Get Better

for my father Glenn.  may God be patient in reuniting with his earthly angels.


Daddy, please get better

Only I can be sick.  I’m the one that’s supposed to fall

I am bedridden on school days with questionable infirmity

You are my hero and heroes don’t fall

I followed your size 10 ½ footprints

All the way to adulthood because I love to stay just behind you

As you worked each day harder and with more strength

Than any other man alive

That is why you are my hero and why I implore

Daddy, please get better

Now that you fell down

How can I make myself walk

Any more?


I slept not tonight as I lay so far away.

I would do anything at all to take your illness from you

And throw it on my back with this gruesome load

I’ve come to bear.

I would suffer a million times to have you back at home

Picking up the pieces after another financial mess I’ve made

Or sleeping soundly by the television you love so much

In the backyard grilling burgers for our humble cookouts

Then taking your kayak to the lake with Mom.

I am always proud to see you play

Basketball games each sunny day

Now the team is crying foul, the great inspirer needs a time out

But please make your rest short and come back soon

Daddy, please get better

Before your magic guitars

Fall out of tune.


You may not remember, but I’ll never forget

What you said to me if I fell down while at play

“Boo Boos hurt for a while

then they go away.”







Killing Lonely – A Poem by nakedEric

I miss you baby.  She hates me and it hurts.  I hope this helps if you have feelings like this. 

Killing Lonely


on a different plane of miracles she waits for me

the love I’ve ruined by trying too hard

she is an angel and i am in love with her

my love is a dangerous flame close to heaven

she is more than hating me.  to her I am only a burden

but if my love is so pure, how can this be so?

The answer never comes even though I lie awake speaking to God every night.


I cried yesterday rolling through memories of a perfect romance

ours that ended in her silence and my fear of the world, myself.  pain so hard, you know?

if I had only made a different choice.  something better to make her

as happy as she should be.  I somehow clipped her wings while trying to

make love to an angel.  Never make this same mistake.


Her face is a dark relic of enlightened times, like a treasure left only for me.

her kiss pushed happy into my veins.  I was clean and smooth like a baby

and like i baby i ruined moments by making a stink

i don’t care if you hate that analogy, it works for me


My enemy is loneliness that is a parasite inside of me making juice of my heart

I can only kill it by killing the host.

I can’t live without her, such a boring old blah

how many times have we heard this befah


On a different plane she smiles when my face is clear in her mind

somewhere else she loves me again and we’re married and fine

but this is my burden.  my life without love and with only the

memory of how I’ve killed it

and replaced it with Lonely

such a muddy, putrid friend.



Rotten Mind – Pome by nakedEric

Rotten Mind


A mind like this is soil beneath our feet

Ready to grow whatever you bury within its soft belly

Not a pleasure to be missed I make it mine

That girl in the mirror is turning her back on me

That girl in the mirror was the love of my life

I switch tenses to engage my will in a game

That pain-raining woman IS

The love of my life left without me, my jeans she washed for me

A guitar I still play when I write songs about how I miss


The played out fetch of a mind is what I see today

Unraveling a mass of cords that equal thoughts collide

And when I enhance this scene with a pill

No one ever will know how it makes me still

The death of the hell that lives in my mind

And the master of the complaint is that it is not directed

It is a tangled mass of nothing and there is no reason

So suffering is selfish when reasons abound in this tickled world

I, nothing, no reason, no tragic muse

Just a rotten mind with a penchant for disaster


Take me here you want me to go

Believe me when I die in your home

Trust the wind that never lies

Still I am with tired eyes, thirsty

I need help and the world hurts me until I cry

The death of this is a weak escape

I engage this rotten mind every single time

And today I met her

Today I met a girl and fell in love

She looked not in a mirror, but right at me

She looked at me like a little god

Somehow this was sublime

Somehow I rot and still feel fine

Love, my enemy has come to save the day

I will write again when she (surely will)

Turns the other way


How I Learned To Live – A Poem By Eric

How I Learned To Live

Down, even though my arms rise slowly above my soggy head
Gravity displays itself. Sweet music played in notes until too late, unaware
Despair is peaceful dealing with pressures triggered by the heart
Those who love can feel this way
Only those who can love can feel this pain
As if three hundred years were not enough, the rolling of us counts on stories
Written in the shore. Too much water and they’re washed away
Afraid to make a stand
The past is cast for angels here so we can understand
Pressing through the surface, I was bathed in familiar pain, in water
The sun had just begun to shave light clippings from the day
Now adrift, the silence complimented the fear
Of the deepest, darkest, place I knew
Would it be like the bottom here?

In childish tones I thought of you. Your face and how it should look today.
I’m sure you’re off winning like you do. Your casual demand for life
You drink it at every well.
So many are your soul’s delights. You shared me with them for a while.
I love you so very much for that. I want to kiss you on the face.
I want to look into your eyes.
Again I begin this list of things I want to do before I die.

The skeptics argue about life after death when it’s so plain for us to see
When you pass, you are a memory, your life a picture for all to see
Well-lived it can be magic
Bravely conquered it can be fantastic
Long after the pangs of grief file away into their proper holes
The golden life is elevated into the sky like a bird
And you glimpse it with different eyes.
This is the afterlife about which we grumble and debate.
I like it because it’s one you earn.
Give all you can in life and you’ll be given posterity in return
Be gentle, kind, and giving while you’re here among the living.
These powerful gestures hold us up while we’re here
Then when we’re gone romantic eyes look back at these kind pieces of your soul
These are what they remember. That is, if you care to practice life this way.
No mire from the liars will make to this tome, but suffice to say, if you live with greed
Greed leaves you to die but all alone

I know that time always attacked me like a pack of wolves
Each hungry, biting, chewing me bit by bit, until I had no more flesh to give
And strange as it seems, when the world pushed me down to drown
It’s when I truly learned to live.